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We provide specialist help for those suffering from hoarding disorder.

We help those affected by hoarding behaviours with a range of support techniques focused on a tailored holistic approach as we understand that every individual is unique and at different stages.

Dedicated to supporting those affected by hoarding.

Our aim when we founded the Hoarding Specialist was to empower those suffering from hoarding behaviours and help them achieve mental and physical well-being, whether it’d be you or someone that is very close to you – we are here to help you.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with our support services in order for them to gain more control of their surroundings. Hoarding behaviour isn’t something you can erase overnight but it will require working towards giving yourself a more positive outlook thus taking back areas of your life where hoarding has been damaging.

Our most frequently asked questions.

Before you reach out to us, we understand that you may have a few questions and queries. We’ve created this frequently asked questions section to give you more clarity before using our services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using one of our contact methods and we’ll answer any concerns you may have.

Hoarding disorder is when an individual begins to start collecting an excessive number of objects and items in rooms in a manner that is chaotic which will always lead to an unmanageable amount of clutter. The items that they will collect can have no monetary value. A large amount of clutter due to hoarding can interfere with a person’s everyday living which can affect their physical and mental well-being. Some people may not realise they are showing hoarding behaviours and can be reluctant to seek out help for their clutter due to shame but it’s really important that you seek help for yourself or a loved one if you are hoarding.

Hoarding disorder can be extremely psychological and it must be treated with care. First, start by asking how the person is currently feeling and how they have been doing as we can sometimes be caught up in everyday life that we forget what they need. You should take baby steps in empowering them to make the decisions and make sure that they are leading their progress as you can’t force someone to do something.

Every person’s journey in life is unique. People hoard for a number of different reasons this can either come from their childhood, recent losses, stress and more. Many individuals will start will small hoarding behaviours and it will start to build up over time and lose track of their behaviour. We will start to understand your journey more in our initial talk and that will help us know more about why you are currently hoarding and draw up a plan to start taking back control of your environment.

Those who significantly hoard items and objects in rooms can put themselves or their family at risk, one of the main risks is that due to there being many items you are at risk of items falling and potentially injuring someone. It can be difficult for people to walk around certain rooms which leads to psychological stress, it can even stop people from entering rooms completely. It is vital that you seek out help for yourself or a loved one if hoarding is causing significant problems in their home.

It is a long road ahead to battle against hoarding behaviours even when you are prepared to seek out help, you must understand that is an everyday challenge to overcome but we are here to support and help you through the journey so that you can start living your best life again. You can help treat hoarding disorder through several different methods depending on the individual such as everyday planning, therapy and more - speak to us today as we create tailored holistic approaches, we first must understand your current situation in order to draw up a plan that suits you and your personality.

We are proud to help improve lives daily.

We love hearing the amazing ways we’ve positively affected our clients everyday life and we are dedicated in to providing the best support to help you deal with hoarding behaviours.

"I have struggled with hoarding disorder for years but the support and advice that The Hoarding Specialist has gave me from the first second I reached out has been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me!"

Kelly S.

"Through working with THS, I’ve learnt so much, it's given me the confidence and reassurance I needed with moving forward. I feel their support has given me more strength in my everyday life and they are always a call away when needed."

Julia H.

"I felt I needed help for my hoarding but was completely unsure on the best route, I reached out to the Hoarding Specialist who calmed any nerves and worries I had before we started and the progress I’ve made I thought I never would. Thank you!"

Harry M.

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